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The creators of Neko Atsume (Kitty Collector) recently came out with a new game, Tabikaeru (Journey Frog) and it’s absolutely adorable!

 A few pointers:

 1. To install the game, type or copy-paste 旅かえる in your app store. (Tabikaeru)

2. The places your frog travels to seem to depend on the combination of items you put in its bag.

3. You won’t get any souvenirs with cheap food (except during the tutorial)

4. You will sometimes have visitors, and they will leave flyers in your mailbox. If you open it, you can watch an ad in exchange for a lottery ticket. You can also sometimes get one from the frog. Once you have five tickets, you can try your hand at the lottery to get various items (the lottery is accessible from the store, it’s the little bell button in the top right). You get different prizes depending on the color of the ball that comes out. A white ball means you lost.

5. There’s an arrow on the right side of the bag menu. Tap it and it’ll take you to the frog’s desk, where you can prepare items in advance for later journeys, so that the frog doesn’t leave with an empty bag when you can’t play the game for a while.














Yahoo Sports Fantasy App: Get a snapshot of your lineup and smack talk to your league


Daytime baseball is here and there’s nothing like it. But when you have a full-time job or are stuck in class, it makes it hard to check on how your fantasy team is doing. Enter the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App on Apple Watch.

With a completely re-imagined look and feel for the Apple Watch, the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App is designed to focus on the heart of the fantasy experience. With Glances, you can now get a snapshot of your lineup, check injury status, view matchup stats, and see how badly you’re dominating your friends, all within a few seconds.


Download WeChatSight11.mp4 [1.64MB]


Reflection  04/12/17

Today is the first day of our new project App Store. Before today, we were ready to spend more than three hours with my partner in order to learn more about each other. I chatted with my client Angel, during which time we asked each other about the other piece of paper, and we quickly got acquainted with it.

After answering the questions in the questionnaire, I designed the concept of three apps. The first one is about sports. Because I found she likes sports, especially bicycles. The second is that she can get up on time. Because she likes to sleep, and it is difficult to wake up. I want to design a special app, but because of the app with an alarm clock, this looks nothing new. The last one is to help her healthy eating app. Because she does not cook often and does not eat on time, she needs an app to supervise her to eat. And also with the daily amount of exercise with a reasonable diet.


Reflection  05/12/17

Today, we have to confirm one of our final thoughts and start designing each page and logo for our app. Based on my partner's preferences, I finally chose the first idea. Because she said she thinks it really really needs to be healthy.
Then, I started designing each page of the app for the user and drawing a wireframe on the sketchbook. And I've designed a logo for this app. The first page of the app as a landing page, you can register a dedicated account belonging to the user, a good record of daily riding exercise. There is a clear map of the app, the distance recorded, the time recorded and the calorie consumption recorded.

After discussing with the mentor, I changed some of the features of my application design. Because the mentor told me there is nothing special about this app. So I added a feature that allows users to communicate with each other and to locate users and to search nearby users for the convenience of exchanging ideas about exercise and staying healthy.


Reflection(Evaluation)  07/12/17

Today we completed our App Store project. The crit of today is not the same as before because all of us have to choose the best of our class. I think this is very good, allowing you to have more direct contact with the students' work, to understand the students to design and complete the entire process of app, this is a good learning opportunity.
After enjoying my classmates' works, I found a lot of good ideas and inspiration. Some of them have some very cool concepts, some are using professional graphic design skills, and the apps they make are fun and useful. They follow the personality of their partners and design creative app for personal use. Mentors and my partners gave me some good advice, such as I need to adjust the background color of the app so that users can clearly see the record, but also make the whole app lively.
In the afternoon, we welcome renowned designer Mathieu Triay to give us a presentation on graphic design. It is very important for him to teach us that we need to know what our audience needs. The other thing I learned was simplification, and we had to simplify our work after the design was done.


Achievement exhibition









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