Part 2

Building Blocks


Animal alphabet




Designers combine animals and letters, and each letter has an animal relationship. The color combination between letters and animals is also very harmonious.



Coloring blocks formed by the combination of letters. Gave me a lot of ideas, I want to do simple, clean design. So I chose the form of a mosaic, paste each one of my letters with insulating tape.


Swiss army knifetumblr_n7w14qijiZ1qcung4o1_1280.gif

I think every part of a Swiss army knife can make up all the letters



Reflection 04/01/17

Two weeks after the Christmas holidays, we returned to our classroom today and started the new project, Building Blocks. At first, we all shared the fruits of the holidays and made suggestions to each other. I find that many people are doing well and their ideas are quite new and inspiring. Having a Building Blocks is about the design of the world famous architecture, impressed me a lot. I really like it because I have not seen anything similar and can clearly show the meaning of each word.

Then we started to create the first font in this project. But we can not use any painting technique. We can only use insulating tape, which is a limitation of our design. I tried to paste a line of letters with insulating tape. At first, I casually pasted some letters of different sizes, but I thought there was no special place for these letters. Therefore, I decided to separate each letter from the beginning to the end with a knife. But then I changed my mind and I wanted to re-create a neat, simple letter. In order to show a clear visual effect, I intend to collage letters in the form of a mosaic. I am very satisfied with the effect of these letters.


Reflection  08/01/18

Today we have brought some items in our life. The purpose of this task is to let us design a font from the object. When we started drawing the outline of each object, I found that the shape of these things will determine how your font looks. If the original object has a very specific shape, the viewer will not recognize where the font came from. Finally, I chose my three little things, a Swiss army knife, a paper cup and a key chain. When the instructor let us use these things to make the letter R, I found it impossible to do with a key ring. Paper cups can do all the letters, but it seems too simple. So in the end I chose the Swiss Army knife to develop all 26 letters.

All the letters can be put together by the parts on the knife, I really like this idea. Although it may seem abstract, a closer look reveals that these letter designs are based on sabers.


Reflection  09/01/18

Today we start designing samples of our fonts. I realized the importance of this specimen because it shows the nature of the font design. I think the letter pasted on the insulating tape is a possible font design because it is readable and effective. In the morning we tried to make a letter sample in a way. I used to think of direct visual effects like printing or animation, but I do not think they are the type of font I want. So I decided to make a 3D model for my letters. For me it will be very difficult to complete all 26 letters a day, so I think it would be a good idea to make a letter as a representative first.


Reflection(Evaluation)  11/01/18

This morning we had a comment on the Building Blocks project. When we reviewed all the work we did this week, I saw many good designs from my classmates. Some people have a very unique idea, such as letters based on lighters, and some using specialized animation techniques. Their work has given me a lot of inspiration and I can develop and use it in the future.

The teacher praised Deandra and Paolina's works, because they had found the letter from the original object instead of organizing them to a letter shape. This is the purpose of this project. We need to learn how to find concrete shapes from something common in everyday life. It develops our imagination and challenges our editing skills.


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