I am very happy to work with angel on commue team activities. The goal of our commue team is to learn more about each other and how to experience life during the event. During our team activities, we were close to China's Spring Festival, so we wanted to do something about Chinese culture. We will also spend two days together.
Because we are all Chinese people, we decided to make dumplings together and talk about how the past festivals were spent. For the first time, I didn't spend the Spring Festival in China at home, but Angel Middle School began to study abroad, so she barely had a holiday with her parents.
In the afternoon, we painted portraits of each other to show how we look in each other's eyes. This is really an interesting idea because it brings us fun. We tried to use the painting to present the character's personality and make us more intimate.


I took pictures of her when my partner didn’t know


I realized that angel really likes to paint. Her painting skills are very good. She told me a lot of drawing skills, which are very helpful to me. Having these activities is very useful because it can give us more opportunities for communication. Communication always makes us understand each other better. This is the focus of our study courses. Today is a big gain.



Today we went to Chinatown together to feel the New Year atmosphere. In the afternoon we made dumplings with other friends.


Before we go to bed together we think about what to do, but we don't know what to do. We started chatting and talked about tattoos and found that we all love tattoo culture. At the same time, we also want to learn more about tattoo culture. So we collected some information about the tattoo. We were all attracted by the pattern of Henna tattoos, thinking that the more complicated patterns look better. I seem to have some ideas for my project.



The weather was cold and snowing these days, I suddenly had ideas. I want to combine snowflake, traditional Chinese window grilles and Henna tattoo designs to make some hollow patterns.

Angel thinks my idea is very good and she supports me. So we began to collect the data of these three patterns, and we are ready to draw patterns.
After lunch, we began to draw patterns. It wasn't very smooth at the beginning. We didn't know how to combine simple graphics and make them neat and beautiful. After many attempts, we seem to be successful. We decided to play the game to see who looked better. This behavior seems very naive, but it does encourage us to think and the final result is also very good.



Through these three days, I feel very happy. I participated in such an activity for the first time and spent two days and nights with an unfamiliar classmate. We made us understand each other more through chat and some small activities. We also became good friends through this activity.






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