All my Unit 7 work was completed this Sunday. It is time to sum up this intense and meaningful period, because I gained a lot during this time.
First of all, I am very glad that I have completed the most of the work I have done in my Unit 7 project proposal. The four projects have been successfully completed, and the effect of each final result has reached the goal. The work of each project can be an independent job, with complete research, development process, reflection and evaluation. These four projects are based on topics of life and media, and they finally showed my intentions.

During Central St. Martin's study, I realized the importance of this research, so I did this for myself, not for other reasons. Research sometimes affects the ideas I create for the project because some famous designers give me more interesting inspiration. Based on these inspirations, I may change some parts of my ideas to make them look better. Sometimes it even affects my final result.

I think the most successful aspect of my project is that I always have some ideas on my theme so that my work can leave a deep impression on the audience. On the other hand, I like to add some breath of life to my design, so they have a strong educational significance. Personally, I think that my work usually lacks a complete production process, so people may confuse how I made them. By the way, sometimes I can't think of many ideas, so all I can do is pick my final ideas from three ideas. I think I will try my best to have more ideas at the beginning of a project, so I will have more choices. The detailed and complete production process must be shown on the sketchbook. So I will improve the work in the sketchbook in the future.

If I have more time, I think that some work should be improved. For example, I am not very happy with the publication in item 4, because the content of this article is not very detailed. If I have more time, I will bend them in more detail. The printed effect is not very good either. During the seventh unit, I learned how to manage my work and time. Although the time for each project is short, if we use it correctly, we can do it perfectly.