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Beatbox, the full name Human Beatbox, originated in the United States, is an emerging hip-hop element that emerged in the 1980s, a music culture that flourished in the early 2000s. Can be understood as a common rhythm mouth technique, but with the traditional Chinese mouth techniques are essentially different.

Beatbox is an expression of music, primarily a new art that emulates drum, electronics, and special sounds with a variety of tricks such as lips, teeth, tongue, mouth and throat, and Acappella The most important element of the show. Today's Beatbox and hip-hop culture is closely related, has become an important factor in hip-hop. Also need to draw our attention is that the abbreviation "bbox" or "b-box" only in the Chinese region will be called, but it is not standardized, the correct name should be "Beatbox" or "Beat box" .
Literal transliteration is a rhythmic box, so to speak.
1970s American blacks back the instrument meaning is Beatbox or Boombox, black people say so.
But the blacks did not have their instruments, so they made jazz drums and walked around with their mouths
Beatbox, slowly Beat study out, but also get started Beat RAP.
All have the word Human, called Human Beatbox.
So Beatbox full name should be Human Beatbox.
Human Beatbox is due to Vocal Percussion (that is, beating your mouth)
Human Beatbox is a new generation of Hip hop, but also a Vocal Percussion.
Beatbox is hand and mouth to do Beat. This is also a kind of Battle culture.
Beatbox is the drum drum is also based on jazz drums.





Daft Punk is an electro-acoustic band from France's Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. In 1987, Thomas Ben Gault and Guy-Manuel de Homan-Cristo met in the same middle school. In the early 1990s, they partnered with Laurent Brancowitz to create a voiceless guitar rock band Darlin ', whose band's name is a song by the band Beach Boy. After the release of the mini-album, the British band Stereo Lab invited Darlin to a concert in their first show, but the British music newspaper Melody Maker described Darling's performance as "stupid punk whipping" (a stupid whipping) . Evaluation of a serious blow, after a period of dissolution of the band. After leaving Laurent Brancovitz, De Homan-Cristo and Bentoot set up "Daft Punk" in the name of "Melody Maker" and began experimenting with music using drum machines and synthesizers. On February 24, 1999, the 41st Grammy "Dance Recording" was nominated for a "home-style" "Around The World" style; in the same year they started wearing robotic helmets in public. Later, helmet styling became a symbol of DaftPunk.




The drum is a type of percussion instrument that covers a taut film on one or both sides of a solid, generally cylindrical drum shell. Drums can be tapped by hand or drumstick. Traditional drum music in Africa and in modern music is a more important instrument, and some bands are composed entirely of drum-based percussion instruments. In addition to being used as a musical instrument drum in many ancient civilizations are also used to spread the message.
China and Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and ancient India were both the earliest birthplaces of the world's drums. Historically, China has propagated to neighboring countries such as North Korea and Japan, and has also absorbed many foreign drums. Central China is dominated by traditional Chinese drums. The frontier minority drums are both influenced by traditional drums and by foreign drums, especially Arabs and Indian drums.


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Reflection  16/11/17
Today is the first day of our new project graphic score and today is also the starting point for the second part of the course. At the beginning of the class, the instructor closed our eyes and listened to some music records and then let us draw the sound we heard on the paper. Most of us draw a few random lines and shapes on paper. I think it's impossible to describe music with a pen because they look useless and meaningless. But when we put all the work on the floor and shared it, I found that there were so many similarities between them that somebody used the same color and someone painted the same picture. Suddenly, I understood why we needed to draw music and there was a lot of connection between painting and music. Although they are two different things, they can describe the same feeling. If you want to convey music in a trans, you have to express it through painting. So today's project is very important to us because it will be an important skill in graphic design in the future.

Then our task is to design a special tool for ourselves. At first I have not decided yet, because I do not know much about music and instruments. I started trying to find something around me and then I got my first thought and shaken my purse but it was too simple and not creative. I did some searching for instruments on the Internet, and I found one that I was interested in in "maracas." The traditional sand hammer with a ball-shaped gourd, built-in some hard and dry seeds or gravel, with the original gourd neck slender handle, shake the hurdle wall when the impact of hard sound.
I used the shape of a cylindrical paper tube, which has thumbtacks, you can hear the sound inside when shaking the paper tube. But I think this instrument is too simple, so I inserted a lot of wire at both ends of the paper tube. Shake the wire, wire hit the interior of the paper can also make a sound.


Reflection   17/11/17
Today is an independent working day. I need to edit the sounds of the group instruments that I have collected into audio. In fact, at first we were puzzled by what kind of music or sound we could make. Because in this song, we think we must have a theme, it should be like a real band, show our good teamwork. I quickly put forward an idea. Because I heard the most obvious of this sound is the thumbtlled sound, so I think metal is a good topic. But unfortunately, I do not know how to manage the other instruments under this theme, so we had to abandon it. Fortunately my partner has another good idea, we can choose a voice as the main voice, and then slowly add other voices.

Audio was quite successful, but when I tried to use it to make video, I found some problems. Because we did not record our video during the recording, we could record it after we finished recording it. This video is taken in sections so the sound is hard to match. I listen to the audio time and time again to find some ideas to make a video. I think this is a pretty good job and it has already conveyed what we want to show the audience.


Reflective Questions   20/11/17
Q1: What was your response to the graphic score examples presented this morning? Did they expand your understanding of the possibilities within the project?
When I saw these examples, I was initially confused because they were abstract. I'm curious why they do these jobs. But then I came up with the idea of ​​having a certain amount of abstraction in the form of a graphical representation of the music so that the viewer could have a better view of the imagination. I found that the designer has translated the sound into some specific shapes that the viewer can easily understand through the pictures. I think these good examples give me a lot of valuable inspiration.

Q2: How did you find the process of translating your recording into a graphic score?
My idea is direct. I just wanted to figure out what kind of effect we would have if we were using the material we used to make the instrument to draw the shape. I think it must have an astonishing visualization.

Q3: How have you dealt with the challenges you have faced today?
When I meet some challenges in the project, I hope I can do more experiments and try different materials to make them show different effects.


Reflection (Evaluation)   21/11/17
Today we had crit for the graphic score project in the morning. Everyone has their own music record and the video created yesterday. I saw many interesting animation designs in my classmates' work. I think they may have good experience in animation design, and they are also very familiar with some graphic design software. This project made me aware that learning and using computer software skills is an integral part of learning graphic design. In addition, their ideas gave me some new ideas about graphic score. For example, they translate beats into special moves that enable the audience to follow the rhythm. Some of them have created a little story for their animation that makes it seem very interesting and meaningful.


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