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Hear Make Heard



Chinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese cooking and Chinese culture. Also known as Chinese food culture. One of the three major cuisines in the world (Chinese, French, Turkish) has profoundly affected East Asia. Recipe from all parts of China and ethnic dishes.
Chinese cuisine originates from the Central Plains and has the characteristics of long history, superb craftsmanship, rich variety, various genres and unique styles. It is the crystallization of the development of Chinese cooking for thousands of years and enjoys a good reputation in the world.



Chinese cuisine emphasizes color, smell and taste very much. This is both a standard dish, but also a dish standard.
Color: refers to the color of dishes, is the color of raw materials and the color of the organic mix, and sometimes with some vegetables, tomatoes, onions and other foil, in order to achieve better visual effects.
Fragrance: refers to the aroma of dishes, including the fragrance and bone incense.
Taste: refers to the taste of dishes taste, is the soul of dishes. It is the main ingredient and seasoning dishes and organic products of different cooking methods.
Italian: people associate or meaningful dishes
Shape: In fact, the shape is slowly separated from the color, the main is to pay attention to the shape and decoration of vegetables;
Yang: medicine complement than tonic, food can support people is the truth, pay attention to is full of food nutrition, meat and vegetables with a reasonable type of friends.


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Reflection  15/01/18

Today we started our two-week project, Hear Make Heard. Start by reviewing all the research we conducted last weekend. We shared those audio in a group and solicit opinions from others. Then I chose a possible audio and listened to the thoughts of my classmates. I decided to choose the first audio about Chinese restaurants because I think this is an easy area to develop, but I would like to express it in a fun way. I have a lot of interesting ideas to develop in the future.

Then we started our drawing mission, we listened to the audio of our choice again and took a picture drawn in our minds. Based on the audio I chose, I drew some food. Later we started to build the concept of our publications. I would like to make a publication similar to a food magazine, but I think the picture of direct use of food is too simple, so I decided to paint each food by hand. And I want to compare the differences in eating habits between China and the UK in the publication so that I can directly express the characteristics of the food.


Reflection  18/01/18

Today we learned a variety of ways of binding publications. These ways are very valuable to our further research. I was impressed with Stab binding, which is also known as Japanese binding because it is very natural and simple. I think this is a good choice. But because of the choice of paper and paper size, I prefer to use steel rings to connect them together. Because the cover of the publication I choose is harder and can not be bent. All I need to do is keep it steady so that the book can be opened, which is why I think the rim will fit this one.
In the afternoon, I started to think about the content of the publication, including pictures, words and fonts, and overall color matching. I drew some drafts on paper, I think it was not bad, then I will draw some formal illustrations.


Reflection  22/01/18

I'm making the final preparations for tomorrow, and I insist that each page be done by hand and scanned and printed. So my workload is quite large. I hope to have a good effect.


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