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Made to Persuade



Artists, designers and illustrators are doing it for themselves! Tough times often lead to greater creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Where once designers might have produced a set of postcards to promote themselves or simply for fun, demand for individual design has led to an explosion of quirky, covetable products for sale via the Internet. Self-initiated projects, such as T-shirts or button designs, are fast becoming businesses in themselves. This book showcases more than 500 of the coolest and most exciting graphic products by over 90 practitioners from around the world, including: books, magazines and zines; toys, posters, prints and canvases; fonts and typographic 3D products; clothing and accessories.






They look at each other like they were almost lovers, like they should have kissed and laughed in bed together, but they chose to stay friends instead. They look at each other with what ifs and could haves and hearts full of regrets.

Part of being human is that we can’t go back, we can only hope that if we come across that moment again we’ll do it the right way.



Psychological and emotional problems should be how to solve




Reflection  23/11/17

Today is the first day of our class, and this long-term project is for Made to Persuade. I think this is a very important part of the second part because there will be an exhibit at the end of this project. On Tuesday, the tutor introduced what we were going to do on this project and told us that we need to come up with 30 ideas for that. At first thought 30 ideas too much, it sounds impossible. After I brainstormed, I noticed some possible ideas in my sketches. Finally, I chose an idea to prepare.
This project is called "NOT FALL IN LOVE AGAIN". Because I think many of us are depressed because of hurt feelings, negative emotions always control our every day. We need to forget that feeling for true happiness. Unhealthy, we can take medicine to restore the body. So emotionally hurt, we also need a special kind of medicine, let us recover.
Because I want people to recover quickly. The intent of this interactive design is to tell people that hurting feelings is also a sick state, and that we who are harmed also need to be healed.


Reflection  25/11/17

Today I went to the Wellcome Collection to enjoy a fun exhibit called Graphic Designto save your life? An exciting graphic design about life and medicine designed by different designers. The poster design left me with our follow-up to the Mullenlowe design in London, by Israeli artist Nadav Kander, whose highlight is the contrast between slogans and pictures, a monologue that says they feel good or that they are alright But apparently they lied to us, in fact they had some problems, but they did not want to talk to others, which could lead to depression and even suicide, which is why the designer put some words in the slogan and he is very clever to noticed that when we When feeling upset or alone, we need to talk to other people, a thought-provoking poster.


Reflection  26/11/17

With all my thoughts in mind, I decided to use the concept of medication because it had a clear concept and a meaningful purpose, so it was easy for viewers to understand its meaning. Because people can easily get hurt in their feelings, they need a force to restore people. Although I can not make a real medicine for people to get better, at least I can design an image to bring strength to people. I want to make a specific medicine box, packaging and pills, I am ready to hand-painted the cover of the medicine box, pills are actually rainbow sugar. There is no real remedy in the world, but candy can also bring happiness to people.
First, I made a kit myself according to the size of the real medicine box in the market. Then write "NOT FALL IN LOVE AGAIN" with a small picture. Then I put the rainbow sugar into the package, sealed. Finally paste the box, "pills" into the kit. In fact, I still bought a small glass jar on the market, as a small canister, there are different colors of "pills."


Reflection  30/11/17

Through these days of production, I finally completed all my kit. It was a great success for me and it was a valuable experience because I myself solved a lot of problems in the production process. For example, I found it very easy to fold irregularly when I folded my kit. Or when pasted, pasted incorrectly. In order to solve this problem, I used a ruler to align where I needed to fold, then erected it with a ruler and pressed it down so that it would be much easier. The second problem is when packaging pills, it is difficult to seal well. Need to be very careful to paste the seal foil up.


Achievement exhibition











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