Paper Dolls


My Closet From Childhood(coloring book), Seungyoun Kim, Korea




The childlike image is expressed in soft colors. She did not leave any information. I saw her work through the Internet. I really like her series of works. 


Monica Rohan, Australia






Artists who dive into the beauty of flowers

The Australian artist and artist Monica Rohan knew clearly when she was a child: To be an artist, create with intuition and feelings. Monica's home is on a picturesque farm in Australia. "I am running on hillside and small rivers, and I like to be surrounded by wild botanical gardens with animals and mountains. Monica Rohan said, "In this world, everything seems to be completely different. The point of view, however, is that it is important to practice. The point of view is secondary. Serious and "difficulty" artists are good if they draw good works; easy and fast artists are good if they draw good works; if not good artists are good at drawing good works. We often persist in, argue with and hold each other in our lives because of differences in opinions, and as a result, we have worn away our strength of practice and our forward ambition. In the frame of our life, we are sometimes serious, sometimes relaxed, sometimes "difficult to produce," sometimes fast, and sometimes completely between intentional and unintentional. But no matter what the motives behind, it is best to have full color, clear composition, powerful lines, and ideal style. What I care about is not how to paint. What I care about is what I draw. Just like the waves of water, you can wash your face, you can wash your feet, you can drink it, you can also wash your filth, but water is just water."




This morning (13/03/18)I did some online survey on my project 2 to get some inspiration. At this point, I want to make an interesting handmade work. I hope the result of this work is to enable everyone to participate and enjoy.

(15/03/18)I decided to gather more information for my project. I learned in a chat with a good friend that she played cartoon stickers in her childhood. In the sticker, there is a cartoon person wearing only underwear, including clothes, pants, skirts and shoes. You can match cartoons to suit your personal preferences.
One of the videos I watched recently on the internet is very interesting. Someone drew a cartoon character without clothes on a transparent plastic cup. Then she drew her hair and clothes on other cups. Then he stacked the cups together to form a complete cartoon character.
I think these are very interesting and have good friends' childhood memories. I want to make a work based on the information I have collected.

Based on the interviews and resource collection I did yesterday, I came up with some ideas that I can design. First of all, I made a simple cartoon person and then drew some clothes and shoes on sulfuric acid paper. I want to increase the fun of this event, so I also added some accessories such as a beard, hair and some exaggerated features.


the Drawing Process of the IllustrationWechatIMG7.jpeg.3



But the intent of these series of illustrations is not clear, and it is not directly related to my theme in Unit 7. What I need is more different ideas than I thought. After I thought about it, I think this work needs further improvement. I like this work because it is not only unique and interesting, but also shows a clear theme.



Recycled Art, Jane Perkins, United States



I am a 're-maker', taking inspiration from found objects and working them into something new.

Although my background is in textiles, I now work predominantly with plastic.

I love art with an element of fun and the unexpected, and hope my work will make you smile!

                                                                                        — Jane Perkins

See Jane Perkins' stunning recreations of artistic masterworks using only recycled materials like buttons and beads.

Before tackling plastic as a preferred medium, artist Jane Perkins worked in textiles, and wrote her thesis on Art and Design from Recycled Materials. Several years of hard work and 40 exhibitions later, Perkins has settled into her signature “Plastic Classics” style: re-working portraits and artwork in one of the most ingenious recycling methods we’ve seen yet.

Without adding any additional color to her pieces, she uses found objects to bring to life the subjects of her artistry, each of which can take weeks to complete. These images present themselves and should be viewed in two different ways.


The Annoying Orange, Dane Boedigheimer, United States




The Annoying Orange is a series of videos created in April 2009 by Dane Boedigheimer, author of the video “Daneboe”. From the very beginning of the publication of "GagFilms", until January of the next year, Dane Boedigheimer created a "his" exclusive personal YouTube page for the protagonist Orange. The series became one of the most popular video series on the Internet. In the changing Facebook game program.

In this series, the protagonist is an orange with a face but no nose (in fact, Dane Boedigheimer himself) in the kitchen (sometimes has a position) disturbed the faces of other people uneasily and used “them” to speak cold. Jokes, but many times supporting actors who talk to oranges have a bad ending (usually hacked by a knife). Most support roles come from blogs, YouTube celebrities or other online celebrities.


SEE HEAR SPEAK, Yoshi Yoshitani , America














I found that the clothes and accessories that were drawn on the sulfate paper were not very good, and the collage cartoons were even scary. When I didn't know how to solve this problem, the paste on my laptop gave me inspiration. I found that I could print my clothes and accessories on a transparent sticker paper. First, the transparency of the paper was higher than that of the sulfate paper, which could show better results. Printed colors and patterns are also clearer than hand-painted ones. So my next job is to use software to draw clothes and accessories and find out where to print. There has also been an increase in the production of cartoon people, not just a single-color paper person. I also added a pattern to the cartoon person's body and used thicker paper for printing.