Graphic Communication Design Unit 7
Project Brief #3

Student name: Nanlin Shi
Student ID: SHI17525981

Project Title:

Design and New Media



SnackAppy Vending maching interaction

“ Prototyping forces you to share your ideas rather than developing them in a vacuum. Seek out people who may have a different take on things allowing you to validate your idea and gain constructive feedback from potential users beyond the easy feedback given from family and friends.”

Project Context:

The initial phases of this project we want you to put into practice the skills and knowledge you have learned from the previous projects on the module. Your should work to gather information about the problem, your client’s goals and the users’ wants and needs. This shared information then acts as the starting point for each of you, as individual designers, to create solutions to the brief.

for the purposes of this project, focus your design solutions on a specific smartphone (e.g. iPhone 7) and take full advantage of the affordances of the device.

- Primary research, observing and analysing user characteristics and behaviors.
- Secondary research, gathering data and information from online and paper-based sources.
- Identification and understanding of the primary user group.
- Creation of 2-3 well-crafted and useful personas to represent the user group.
- It may also be useful to construct user-narratives or scenarios.

Project Description:

Building on the research and user study, individual activities should include:
- Ideation-numerous quick sketches iteratively focused into one or two potential solutions.
- Lo-fi wireframes iterated into early prototypes for testing.
- Hi-fi (pixel-perfect) mockup of your SnackAppy solution built using an appropriate tool eg Adobe UX, Marvel etc.

Creating digital outputs from the sketches and lo-fi prototypes, then publish them on your workflow .
Create a short video(max 1min) of user-testing in progress.
Create a short walkthrough video (max 2min) of you demonstrating the key features of your solution using the hi-fi mock up.
Publish a digitised indicative selection from your sketchbooks etc.

Resources required:

Book.Jess James Garrett.The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web and Beyond (2nd Edition)(Voices That Matter)(p.131). Pearson Education.2011.


Download Vending Machine APP.mp4 [35.56MB]


TeamLab, Japan

In 2001, Hosei Shou, who graduated from the Department of Mathematical Engineering and Physical Information at the University of Tokyo, was impressed by the development of the Internet and digital technology. He loved art and science from a young age and felt that creating digital art products was a very interesting thing. At the same time, in his view, the digital era should be a time of collective creation, and people from all fields should work together. So, about a few friends and teachers, Teamlab was officially established without an office.


"Resonating spheres" exhibition, the design of some gigantic luminous sphere, when someone touches one of the sphere, the sphere feel touch, began to change the color of the light, and emit the color-specific tone. Even though there seems to be no connection between the spheres, after a sphere has changed, the other spheres seem to "feel" the transformation as well, changing color and sounding. Looks like it's the same thing between spheres and spheres, all in the air. Through the sphere of mutual "communication", so that the tone and color of the entire space to become harmonious.



Japan interactive lighting art design team teamlab designed a romantic light forest. Forest resonators created by teamlab draw people closer to these lights in a dynamic way. When the light reacts to the human body, the first light responds to one's position and approaches two lights near it, both of which resonate. It shows a new space freely designed through digital technology where the interactivity of people depends on people and produces unpredictable changes.



Teamlab also designed a lamppost called Message Pillar, through a specific cell phone APP can see around the lamppost surrounded by a variety of text. Of course, people can also send out a variety of text editing APP, a large number of text floating around the lamppost form a tree shape.


I think that with the development of technology, the increase of new products and the great changes in user perception of products, the interactive design of this discipline has emerged. It links technology and experience, products and users, businesses and people's daily lives. It can be said that interaction design plays an increasingly important role in today's society. Looking around the world, we have a variety of interactive products. Smart makeup mirrors in clothing stores help customers choose clothes, ticket vending machines and smart phones, and interactive design is everywhere.


Yahoo Sports Fantasy App


Get a snapshot of your lineup and smack talk to your league

Daytime baseball is here and there’s nothing like it. But when you have a full-time job or are stuck in class, it makes it hard to check on how your fantasy team is doing. Enter the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App on Apple Watch.

With a completely re-imagined look and feel for the Apple Watch, the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App is designed to focus on the heart of the fantasy experience. With Glances, you can now get a snapshot of your lineup, check injury status, view matchup stats, and see how badly you’re dominating your friends, all within a few seconds.

Colour & Texture, Anne Patterson, American

"I have synesthesia - I see an incredible magnificence of colors and shapes when I hear music, the smells of spring trigger a play of light in my mind and my primary numbers have personalities. My art is a response to the natural world. Whether through painting, sculpture or installation, I try to render my reality into physical forms - the immense light of the sun, the movement of the rippling leaves, the abstract shape of the crashing waves against the rocks. I strive to create work that transports us into a multisensory realm, similar to that which I've inhabited for my entire life, and deepens our relationship to the beauty around us." - Anne Patterson




Pathless Woods is an interactive piece of art by artist Anne Patterson where she has blended all sensory aspects, to create a memorable experience for the visitors. Vivacious colours, flickering sunlight, soft forest music, and fir and pine scents are composed in such a way that the artist’s imaginations are effortlessly transformed into a beautiful abstract form of woods.
An architect and theatre designer by profession, Anne Patterson is a rather sensitive artist who believes in her sensory intuitions while designing. Her work is known worldwide owing to her courageous and beautiful installations that leave a lasting impact on the viewers. Simple and stunning experiments and experiences go hand in hand in Anne’s work that leaves the viewers curious and inspired. She says she has synaesthesia, wherein stimulation of one sense leads to involuntary experiences in another. She says, “I see an incredible magnificence of colours and shapes when I hear music…”, and her work rightly reflects that. Nature has been a prime inspiration to her, through which she tries to invoke sensuality in each of her works.


Other works on interactive design


Danish shoemaker ECCO opened a new showroom at Bredebro (DK). Designed for visitors a particularly vivid and interactive display space, so that the audience can be immersed in the shoe-making art across the country. Information is conveyed to visitors through various channels, videos and stories and has become a rich narrative space. All the senses of the visitors are mobilized, including sense of smell, feeling, hearing and interaction.



SAGAYA ginza, put forward the concept of "sensory restaurant." The restaurant's walls and tabletops use lighting and animation to create a complete picture. Customers can not only feel the taste and aroma of food, but also experience Japan's landscapes such as cherry blossoms, forests, or waterfalls while changing the background music into wind, water and birds .



Today(26/03/18) is the first day of my new project . Before today, I had made a preparation. I investigated the people’s idea of ​​using a mobile app to shop on vending machines. In general, there are many people who think this is a very convenient method. People can only go out with their mobile phones.After I got the answer in the questionnaire, I sorted out the survey results. I think everyone's suggestions helped me design this app.



Today(27/03/18), I must confirm an idea and start designing each page of my application. Based on my survey's preferences, I eventually chose an idea. I want a simple and clear page so that users can quickly become familiar with the operation of the app.

Then I started to design each page and draw a wireframe on the computer. The app for vending machines definitely needs some pictures of snacks and drinks, so I found some pictures on the Internet and sorted them out in software. In order to make each page neat and consistent, I decided the overall app's color tone is unity, mainly white. This also makes it easier for users to quickly find products and see prices. I used the takeout software as a basis and the basic operation is the same.

 I spent a lot of time designing the page because I wanted to show every step of the operation. Because of the foundation of the previous app store project, this time the design of the page is also much smoother. But this time I'm not satisfied with the flat app page, I want to show a visual operation. In fact, this decision brought me a lot of trouble, because I will not do, nor do I know what software can do what I want. Thinking for a long time, I think I can't solve this problem myself. I asked tutor and classmates for help. After I said my problems, they told me a software called XD. Then I collected some information on this software on the Internet and downloaded this software. Because I first used this software, it took a lot of time to learn how to use this software. I made while watching video lessons.